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A trip to the Rue, Fog, and saying goodbye to Rathlin

6 May A lovely sunny day that brings us high numbers of visitors. The last of the young ravens has left the nest. We witness more egg-taking on the part of the ravens, and several puffins and guillemots get eaten by the Black-backed Gulls and the Skuas. Quite a few puffins about. In the evening, Tom takes us down to the Rue point in his car. We walk out to the lighthouse and look at birds. We hear a water rail, see stonechat, reed bunting, wheatear, snipe, turnstone, eider, shelduck, common gull, herring gull. Beautiful sunset at the lighthouse.  Spring Squill After that, Lesley treats us to a beer at McCuaig’s. There are snipes around the cottage, and finally I also get to hear the display flight sounds properly. 7 May Beautiful sunny day. Rick and Hazel show the moths they have gathered during the night with a moth trap (a strong light and some egg boxes). We get to say fascinating species like the Fox Moth (both the male and the female), the Er

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